What web browser you use on the Internet is very important. I always highly recommend Mozilla Firefox to my friends, family and clients. Here are 10 reasons why I recommend this great free web browser.

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  1. Mozilla Firefox has been around since about 2002, so it is a tried and tested product.
  2. Like most web browsers - It's Free! Who doesn't like something that is Free.
  3. Mozilla Firefox is easy to use. It looks very similar to other popular website browsers, so doesn't take much time to learn and use.
  4. Firefox is available on most tech gadgets. It's available to download and use on Microsoft Windows Laptops and PC Computers as well as the Apple Mac platform.. Not to mention the more Geek orientated Linux based devices (that I use from time to time). If you have an Android based tablet or smart phone, it's also available for that too. This means that you only have to learn how to use Firefox once across all your compatible devices.
  5. Mozilla Firefox has a feature called Sync. Sync enables you to easily synchronise your favourite bookmarks, history, and passwords between your other Firefox enabled devices. This feature is brilliant if you use multiple devices to browse the internet.
  6. It's Fast! Mozilla Firefox loads web pages extremely quickly, and makes the internet faster to navigate.
  7. Mozilla Firefox is light on memory usage(Ram). It therefore doesn't use up a lot of resources on your computer or laptop that may slow it down. It's even quick on older laptops and computers.
  8. It's secure, and has a fast release cycle. This means that if a bug or security problem is found in Mozilla Firefox, a new version is released quickly. It also comes with its own automated maintenance program too, so you don't need to update it it manually.
  9. Firefox is customisable, and supports extensions/add-ons that add extra functionality to the web browser. One extension/add-on that I always advise using is an ad-blocker. See my blog post here on how to install a free ad-blocker in Mozilla Firefox.
  10. Firefox is good for your privacy. Some browsers may use your browsing data, where as in Firefox, what data you provide to Mozilla can be turned off (or on if you wish). There are also additional extentions/addons you can install in Mozilla Firefox that helps further with your web browser security and privacy.

On the subject of internet privacy, and website tracking, Mozilla Firefox have this interesting video on their Youtube channel.



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