Contact My Local PC Repair.

You can contact My Local PC Repair (Matt Roberts) by Calling or Texting 07 94 93 90 999 or by using my contact form below.

Please be aware that I don’t answer my phone if it rings while I’m with a client or if I’m in the car. I kindly request that in the event I don’t answer the phone, please leave a answerphone message. In your answerphone message, please include your full name & contact details together with a description of what you need help with. I will then contact you back at the end of my working day (About 7PM Monday to Friday), or the next working day when I’m back at my desk.

As I’m a Sole Trader,  you are welcome to text me on 07 94 93 90 999, or use the contact form below. I can sometimes reply to these quicker if I’m waiting for things to finish at a job, and have a spare few minutes (as long as the client allows).

I kindly request that my customers do not use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to contact me. The reason for this is that I do not feel these contact methods are secure and good for my customers privacy. Thanks.

IMPORTANT: Please see the scrolling message at the top of my website for any important notices such as when i’m away on holiday e.t.c. Everyone needs downtime from tech..myself included smile

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