Microsoft Windows Install In Shrewsbury.

Is your Microsoft Windows laptop or computer no longer booting to the desktop? Are you getting some errors while using Microsoft Windows? Maybe you have upgraded to Microsoft Windows 11 and want to downgrade back to Microsoft Windows 10? Or prehaps you are on Microsof Windows 10 and want to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11? If you are in need of a Microsoft Windows re-install in Shrewsbury, then I can help.

Operating System software is the software that controls the operation of a computer and directs the processing of applications. Applications being software such as Microsoft Office, games and other apps that run on top of Microsoft Windows. Most home computers come with the latest version of Microsoft Windows as their operating system. Other popular operating systems include Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint and even Chrome OS (OS is short for Operating System).

When you notice your laptop or desktop computer system slowing down, it may be time to reinstall your operating system. Think of it as being a spring clean or a clean slate to work from, as it removes junk files and no longer used software that could be slowing down performance or creating other issues. It will also remove any viruses, malware, and adware if your device has these issues.

I personally tend to reinstall the latest version of Microsoft Windows once a year, as I tend to try a lot of software out with self learning. Depending on your usage, you may wish to re-install Microsoft Windows when you have had your desktop or laptop for a few years, and you notice the system slowing down.

Before reinstalling Microsoft Windows on your device, I will always attempt to backup your documents and files to a storage medium you own, so that they can be put back on the laptop or pc computer once finished.

Microsoft Windows Install in Shrewsbury

Why Re-Install Microsoft Windows?


Fix Performace Issues.


Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Errors & Other Errors


Remove All Junk Files.


Remove No Longer Used Software.


Microsoft Windows Updates Are Stuck, So Your Device Isn’t Fully Patched For Security.


Upgrade Your Microsoft Windows Operating System To A Newer Version. A Fresh Install Tends To Give Less Issues Than An Upgrade.


Downgrade Your Microsoft Windows Operating System To A Older But Still Supported Version.  Sometimes Your Applications, Hardware Components, Or Peripherals (e.g Printer, Webcam) Are Not Fully Compatible With The Latest Version Of Microsoft Windows.


Perhaps You No Longer Want To Use Microsoft Windows & Want To Try A New Operating System On Your Device Like A Linux Distro Or Even Chrome OS Flex. As I Have Used These On My Own Devices, I Can Always Try To Advise You On What May Be Best For You & Your Unique Usage.

Microsoft Windows Re-Install.

Do you want a fresh, clean Microsoft Windows install? In most cases this will fix a lot of errors, and performance issues you are having. All versions of Microsoft Windows supported: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and the new Windows 11.

Linux Install.

Want to try something new on your PC Computer or Laptop? In most cases, a Linux operating system can breath new life into an older machine. As well as performance benefits, Linux can also improve overall security on your machine. Depending on your personal requirements I can install Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, MX Linux and other user friendly Linux distributions.

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