Laptop Set-up In Shrewsbury.

Just purchased a new laptop and don’t know where to start? If you need your laptop set-up in Shrewsbury or surrounding areas then I can help. If you have an old laptop or PC Computer, most of the time I can transfer your old pictures, documents, music and videos to your new laptop.

I can also set-up your printer, webcam, Wifi, and any additional software on your laptop as part of the call-out service.

Common jobs I undertake when setting up a new laptop in Shrewsbury include, initial set-up straight from the box, connecting them to your Wifi, setting up your email, Importing contacts, installing software and apps, and keeping them secure with a Free Anti-Virus

I will also be a happy to give you tuition on your new laptop or other devices and their use.

Laptop Set-Up In Shrewsbury

Devices I Can Setup:

Laptop Setup.

Webcam Setup.

Broadband Router Setup.

Wifi Setup.

Smart TV Setup.

Amazon Alexa Setup.

Google Nest Mini Setup.

Amazon Fire Tablet Setup.

And more…

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