Website Creation In Shrewsbury.

Are you looking for website creation in Shrewsbury? Or prehaps you need some maintenance or an update doing to an existing website? My Local PC Repair can create a website for you, or edit one you already own in most cases.

Did you know that you don’t need to learn to code in order to build a website? I build all my websites using the most popular Content Management Systems, WordPress & Joomla.

A content management system (CMS), is software that helps users create, modify, and manage content on a website without the need to learn to code. If you can write a document in Microsoft Word (or equivalent), then you too could manage your own website that uses a CMS.

Website Creation & Maintenance

Why Choose a Website Created by me?


No coding knowledge required. If you know how to create a Microsoft Word Document, then you can also create a website.


Website security built in. The Content Management Systems I use come with features to keep your website secure from hackers. Extra add-ons can be installed to increase this security further.


Easy collaboration. Multiple users can login to the website at the same time to update and manage its content if need be.


Pre-made Website Template Designs. The CMS platform I use comes with over 2000 layout templates if your wish to use them. Alternatively you can design your own website based on your own needs, like this website.

Mobile Friendly Website Creation.

Let me create you a simple website that you can edit when you want, without any coding knowledge. All websites are “mobile friendly” and scale down to mobile screen sizes.

Need a change implementing on your current website and don’t know where to start. Let me help..

Websites I have Created:

and more…

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