Slow Computer In Shrewsbury?

Do you have a slow computer in Shrewsbury? You have come to the right place. Most of the time slow performance on desktop computers is down to software configuration and setup. This means that these issues can be fixed without the need to upgrade hardware.

I have over 30 years of experience of troubleshooting slow desktop computer issues. This enables me to quickly identify what programs or settings may be slowing down your computers’s performance.

Slow Computer In Shrewsbury

What Causes A Slow Computer:


Too Many Programs Loading On Windows Start-up.


Poor Choice Or Configuration Of Anti-Virus or Security Software.


Backlog of Microsoft Windows Updates.


Other Programs Or Services Using Too Much CPU, Memory (RAM) Or Thrashing The Hard Disk.


Not enough RAM (Memory).

Computer Performance Tune-up.

Is your desktop computer running slower each day? Let me tune your computerss performance so its back to its optimal state. Most of the time, no additional hardware upgrades are needed to fix performance issues.

Perhaps you want a clean slate? I can also install a fresh version of Microsoft Windows or even Linux on older machines that struggle with the latest Microsoft operating system.

Computer Upgrades For More Performance.

If an upgrade is needed to boost the desktop computers performance even more, then in most cases replacing your old traditional hard disk drive with a faster Solid State Drive (also known as an SSD), can achieve amazing results.

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